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Gomez Acting Club

Mr. Espinoza’s Acting Class is a comprehensive course that introduces elementary school students in grades k-6 to the fundamental skills required for developing characters in digital films. Students develop their imagination, concentration, emotions, and learn how to become completely submerged in a character. In addition, students learn behind-the-camera skills that include screenwriting, directing, script supervision, prop and costume managing, and dolly and camera operation, to mention a few.

Mr. Espinoza’s Acting showcases students’ acting skills at a premiere held at the end of the academic school year in the state of the art acoustic MU Room. The premiere is followed by a red carpet, award ceremony (The Grassy Awards) where students are recognized for their hard work, dedication, and talent.

Mr. Espinoza's Acting Class is the only program of it's kind existing in the United States that offers a comprehensive insight and educational curricula of the movie making industry for public school elementary children.

Mr. Espinoza’s Acting Class conducts yearly field trip/s to help students compare and contrast their talent and filmmaking skills with those of others. All films are shot on the backlot campus, inside Studio 92411.